Tuesday, November 24, 2009

feeling dumb?

well, a new study recently showed that learning how to juggle helps develop both grey and white matter in the brain, which essentially makes you smarter, more physically adept and accurate, and puts you one step closer to being a super-hero. check the article here. juggling also helps you develop hand-eye coordination, earn money on the street in tough financial times, relieve stress, have fun and become much more attractive to awesome people. really, it's true. and anyone can do it. yes, even you. but, you need a good teacher.

funny you should mention it. as a matter of fact, yes, i am teaching a "how to juggle" class this Tuesday, December 1st, at the Jasmine Dragons at 111 Main St., Chardon, OH. there will be a 7:30pm beginner class and an 8:30pm experienced class for those who can juggle but want to learn more. call 440-286-5153 to reserve a spot in the class. if you are thinking about it, please call and make a free reservation (just leave a message if no one picks up).

otherwise, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope to see you on Tuesday!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

saturday in awesome-town

because nothing says, "i'm a hip, cool, suave world-traveller" like "i'm going to pittsburgh for a juggling convention." might as well don a Star Trek uniform and fanny-pack while i'm at it.

regardless, this saturday (nov. 14th) i will be at the Not Quite Pittsburgh Juggling Festival in Sewickley, PA. i'll be teaching a Devil Stick workshop at noon and performing in the public show at 7:30pm. fest is free, show is $2. looks like there will be some other good workshops, vendors, games and lots of juggling. if you're into object manipulation of any kind and are in the area, you should definitely go. if you've always wanted to learn how to juggle, this is a good time. look for people walking around wearing a star--they have agreed to teach people to juggle. just ask. or, if you would just like to observe what happens when members of this uber-dork community congregate in a middle-school gym, this is your lucky day. come on down, it'll be fun.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

mum's the word

So I was contacted by James Harris at H/L Communications because he was looking for buskers (performers who do their thing and pass the hat for pay) for an event this Saturday (more on that below) and to start doing events in the area to make busking more understood, accepted and even welcomed in the city of Cleveland. Awesome--I'm in.

Which leads us to tonight's word (yes, I watch a lot of Colbert): Mum's the Word. This Saturday from 1-4pm (I'll be performing 1-3pm) there is a FREE event to celebrate the opening of the Rockefeller Park Greenhouse's beautiful indoor chrysanthemum exhibit. There will be children's activities such as face-painting, mask-making and potting of winter-flowering bulbs. Also, local buskers will be performing juggling, magic, music and dance. Though the event is FREE, be sure to bring some cash so you can tell the performers how much you appreciate the entertainment they provide.

Plus, you can enjoy the beauty of the gardens and lush plant life. For more info, click on the flyer below, or go to the Rockefeller Park Greenhouse's website: