Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Performer Spotlight

i’ve decided to start a series of blogs spotlighting performers who have had a particular impact on my life. my own performance heroes, for one reason or another. it is going to take a while. like many endeavors upon which i embark, it will probably never be complete. nonetheless, it is a worthy cause. each person mentioned will, of course, deserve more from me than some little mention on a personal blog site that very few people actually bother to read, but it’s my way of saying thanks. thanks for being awesome in my eyes and for being you.

Performer Spotlight 1 - Sora Sol

Heather “Sora Sol” Iriye is my hero and one of my favorite people in the world. she is Aerialist, Dancer, Artist. Sora practices her art with ferocious dedication, strong-willed determination and impassioned self-critique. her routines are the movement-based manifestation of her passion for life and all the contents of her heart. she demands perfection of herself, almost to a fault. yet she approaches every other person and situation with tolerance, compassion and love. she is a constant reminder that i should strive to do so as well.

a few years ago, i had the honor of sharing a stage with Sora in a show that we produced together and it remains to be one of my favorite performance experiences ever. when the time is right, i know we will do so again and every fiber of my existence is looking forward to that day.

go to her website, watch her videos, go to her shows. if you have the good fortune, spend some time with and get to know her--your life will be better for it.

Sora Sol, thanks for being you.