Friday, October 23, 2009


i couldn't help it. it looked so beautiful. so tight and sleek. a creation of beauty. and i've wanted a true leather one for so long. wow, so long. probably since i was a little kid and saw Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the lost Ark at the drive in when it came out. sure, the snake scenes scared me, but damn, Indy was so cool. and that whip...

"i've given it some thought and i'm in. go ahead and make it" is what i told Louie Foxx, when he offered to braid me up a sweet 6-ft. kangaroo-hide bullwhip at a great price. i had been looking over his website,, reading the reviews of ecstatic customers, drooling over the fine craftsmanship and reading the words of a man who is obviously passionate about his work. he showed me a picture of the whiskey-colored hide he would make it from and i couldn't help it. i caved like a little boy in a man's body who had enough in his account to cover the cost of the toy he's always wanted and could justify it as a tax write-off. (i love my job)

so the really cool part is that over the process of making the whip, Louie took pictures and posted twitter updates and i could see it being built--knowing it was being made for me. so friggin cool! go to his website and check out the entries for Oct. 23, 2009, about the 6-ft 12-plait bullwhip. really, go now!

and here is a picture of the whip:

hmm, she's going to need a name...