Wednesday, August 4, 2010


after taking over 7 months to write a blog, i knew i either needed to come back with something monumentally important or ridiculously trivial. the "important" thing was way too much pressure. so, here's the triviality:

this picture is of a test. first, a little context. i went to see Zach Deputy play some astonishingly good music at Doc Taylor's Cafe in Virginia Beach last week. he really deserves his own blog entry, but he's probably not going to get one here. just go see him, be amazed and dance to the phat groove.

when i stepped into the men's room to "shake hands with the senator," i saw this: a soaking wet dollar bill on top of the urinal. you may not recognize it as such, but this is a test. sure, it may have accidentally fallen there, but i believe it was placed there as a question to any who would step up to the porcelain princess that night. the question, of course, being "how much is a dollar worth to you?" it is soaking wet, but there is no way to tell if it is just water or otherwise. your primary nature upon seeing the dollar is to get excited that you found it and then pick it up. the hesitation comes with the location and circumstance. do you just walk away and leave it like a decent human being or do you give in to the greed and hope that it is just water, or, failing that, hope that you are able to wash the bill and your hands to a convincible level of clean? rough call for some. times are tough. had it been a fiver, i think it would have already been gone. but there it was, a simple test for any man who passed through the pisser.

i won't say whether i took it, but i will say this: thank god they stocked the soap.