Friday, January 14, 2011

addicted to crack... whips. terrible, i know, and of course i mean the pun. anyway, a few months ago i commissioned a matched set of two 4-foot red and black nylon bullwhips (seen below) from Steven Susanka at Metro Whips. his work is awesome; go to his website; spend money there. these are now my favorite whips to use. i got shorter ones so i could use them in a tighter street setting and have been meaning to put them in the show for a while now. finally, in the last show i did on this past new year’s eve, i whipped ‘em out and went at it (so to speak). with no prepared schtick and just the desire to do something out of routine for my last show of the year, i showed the crowd what i’ve been practicing, ending with a simplified version of the Queensland Crossover (think crazy, cross-handed flailing and lots of cracks). i had fun and the crowd seemed to dig it, too. good way to end the year.

whips have fascinated me for as long as i can remember and i SO enjoy playing with them. been starting to get the 2-handed volley and i’m rather excited about that. don’t know what that is? here’s a link to my newest hero, Adam Winrich, explaining the volley. he is a whip god.

so, if you catch the show sometime this year, look for whips to play a bigger role. yeah, they hurt, but i kinda like it. wink wink, nudge nudge...